Ruth's Workshop: Handmade macrame owl

in ruthphotostories •  2 months ago 

A friend's birthday is today and I made a little something for him...



May the years that went by bring you the wisdom to cope with the years to come!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @steemychicken1!!


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Originally posted on HIVE, also shared on my Whaleshares and Steemit blogs

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A special for @mathowl? :D

What a lovely birthday gift Ruth - I'm sure your friend will LOVE it

Μα πόσο τέλειο!
Σκέφτομαι πολύ σοβαρά να δω το μακραμε (ετσι λεγεται) όταν καλοκαιριάσει και ησυχάσω λίγο.