Imagine 2 Bar Stools! - SHOW Me A Shadow Photo Contest - Round 104

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SHOW Me A Shadow Photo Contest - Round 104

To help celebrate the 2-year anniversary of great shadows, I bring you my 2 barstools. I hadn't realized the shadow they made when placed close to each other.

The pattern is a criss cross on the stools that contain wrought iron backing.

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SHOW Me A Shadow Photo Contest!

Let's go Shadow Hunting!



What is considered a Shadow?Any object that casts a reflection of itself on any type surface.
Who created the contest?@melinda010100 utilizing the hashtag #shadowphoto
What type of contest is it?It's a weekly contest that's super easy where you capture an awesome picture of an object casting a unique shadow.
What are the rules?1. Create a post of a picture of a shadow you took utilizing #shadowphoto to hive-179017 or post directly into the Shadow Hunters Community, AND post the shadow picture in the comments to @melinda010100's blog for that particular week;
2. One submission per person;
3. The photo must be your original work. NEVER use photos that you find on the internet!;
4. It would be a great idea to link back to the contest post so others may find it should they wish to join;
What do you win?The Prizes will be from a fund with 10 SBI and 1000 ESTM, and awarded to the winners, who will be chosen by @melinda010100, or a judge selected by her.
PLUS, you can also use the tags #photography, and any others you feel are appropriate.

It’s a contest where anyone can win! So, if you didn’t join in this week with your photo of your amazing shadow, how about participating next week!



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

a) JustClickindiva's PHC logo created by and purchased from @zord189.
b) Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me with my (i) Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet, (ii) Samsung Phone, & (iii) FUJI FinePix S3380 - 14 Mega Pixels Digital Camera
c) Purple Butterfly part of purchased set of Spiritual Clip Art for my Personal Use
d) Separator Lines Free ClipArt Belt from Public Domain Vectors & ShadedLine from ClipArt-Library
e) All Tribe logos used with permission of Tribe Discord Channel admins.






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Great shadow photo and I love your interpretation of the rules!