SheSkates: Welcome Dads New Skateboard

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In this video we put together Dads new skateboard he got for his birthday.

Welcome Skateboard Deck:
Go Darker On Basilisk
Width: 8.8".
Length: 32".
Wheelbase: 14.75"
7-ply maple construction

Well known for their mystical graphics and unique board shapes, Welcome Skateboards presents their latest Go Darker On Basilisk 8.8" Skateboard Deck. This shaped board is made with a squared tail and an elongated pointy nose, a composition that helps accentuate the grim logo graphic and speckled mint green colorway across the underside.

OJ Skateboard Wheels:
Hosoi Rocket Re-Issue
Reissue Hosoi White

Blast from the past! Christian Hosoi OJ Rockets are back. These radical reissues from OJ skateboard wheels come in the original size and shape (61mm, 97a) and are perfect to set up on a retro board. A classic reissue wheel by OJ Wheels 97a which means they're fast and great for parks but will still roll over rough streets and cracks a bit smoother than a real hard street wheel would. Killer slide.

Redesigned with a whole new geometry and ready to cover the widest loads out there. Independent set out to engineer a truck based on older stages of Independent trucks, but with improved performance for modern skateboarding. To do this they modeled select past trucks and overlaid cross sections of them with the Stage 10 design.

Independent 169 Stage 11 trucks:
Hanger (mm): 166.0
Height (mm): 55.0
Weight (g): 411.0
No Hang-Up Yoke
4140 Chromoly Steel Axles
Grade 8 Kingpins
90a Medium Durometer Bushings
Made in the USA
Lifetime Guarantee

These 169 Stage 11 trucks are a little taller, allowing for more range of motion, less wheel bite, better grind clearance, and improved turn and stability.

Powell Peralta Rib Bones Skateboard Rails:
2nd Generation Hardgrade Nylon
14.5" x 0.35"

Back in the day rails were standard practice when you set up a skateboard. In recent years the trend has been to just slide on the wood. Rails are ideal for bowl and pool skating still and your stick may benefit from a set. The Powell Peralta Rib Bones are the same specification as back in the day just with better 2nd generation nylon.

Bronson Speed Co, G2 Skateboard Bearings:
Deep Groove Raceways-Straight Edge Frictionless Shields
High Speed Ceramic Oil-Factory Fresh Quality
Diameter: 8mm

The Bronson Speed Co. G2 skateboard bearings deliver top shelf performance with affordability in mind. Straight edge, friction-less shields are pop-off resistant to hold in oil and keep moisture out, while linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication and increase roll speed. Nano-ceramic compounds resist corrosion and prevent excessive wear. Bronson Speed Co. crammed all this tech into these bearings for a reason: to give you the smoothest, longest lasting roll at a reasonable price.

Clear Mob Grip Tape:
10in x 33in Sheet
#1 Choice of the Pros

Hundreds of barely-visible perforations that allow air to escape for a bubble-free application. Exclusive silicon-carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out. High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time. Super sticky adhesive that won't peel in extreme heat or cold.

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