Con lo que había en casa - With what was at home

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Hola steemians!!! Hoy les comparto otra creación para nuestra pequeña bebé. No sé cómo será en otros lugares, en nuestra ciudad se acostumbra poner en la puerta de la habitación del hospital un cartel anunciando el nombre del bebé que acaba de nacer.

Hi steemians !!! Today I share another creation for our little baby. I do not know how it will be in other places, in our city it is habit to put a sign on the door of the hospital room announcing the name of the baby that has just been born.

Me pareció que incluir a mi hija mayor (7 años) en la elaboración de este cartel sería bueno para ella, compartir un rato con mamá, hacer algo para la hermana...
En un principio íbamos a buscar elementos de fibrofácil en la carpintería. Letras para armar su nombre, algún soporte para pegarlas, una figura infantil, todo para pintar juntas y ensamblar en casa.

It seemed to me that including my oldest daughter (7 years old) in the elaboration of this poster would be good for her, share a little time with mom, do something for the sister ...
At first we were going to look for fibrofácil elements in the carpentry. Letters to assemble your name, some support to glue them, a childish figure, all to paint together and assemble at home.

Resulta que una mañana empiezo a buscar en internet ideas como para no ir sin nada en mente a comprar, y de un conjunto de fotos surgió esta idea, la cual fue bien recibida por mi socia en la tarea.
Diseñamos juntas cada imágen y utilizamos los materiales que había en casa. Ella pintó cada letra con ayuda de un stencil y yo me encargue de la costura.
Estuvo genial!! Lo resolvimos en una tarde y sin salir de casa. Con el calor de este verano la verdad que hay días en los que me cuesta un montón andar.

It turns out that one morning I started looking for ideas on the internet so as not to go with nothing in mind to buy, and from a set of photos this idea emerged, which was well received by my partner in the task.
We design each image together and use the materials at home. She painted each letter with the help of a stencil and I took care of the sewing.
It was great!! We solved it in one afternoon and without leaving home. In the heat of this summer the truth is that there are days when it costs me a lot to walk.

Aquí la foto

Here the picture


La verdad es que guardo cada pedacito de tela que sobra... Y después de haberlos utilizando como que me incentiva a seguir acumulando en lugar de deshacerme de algunos.

The truth is that I keep every little piece of fabric left over ... And after having used them as an incentive to continue accumulating instead of getting rid of some.

Las fotos las saque con un Huawei GW, las edité con pixrl y fueron publicadas previamente en mi Facebook e instagram.

I took the photos with a Huawei GW, edited them with pixrl and they were previously published on my Facebook and instagram.




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Thanks you for the support!!!

De verdad muy bonito y emotivo gracias por compartir saludos

Hello @noeliazul! I think it was a lovely idea to include your daughter in the elaboration of this beautiful artful sign. I love the soft colors and mini details you added. Congratulations on your new baby, when are you expecting her?

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Hi @crosheille!!! Thanks for the clarification of the use of labels, I published a tutorial for a while and they wrote me for the label and I did not remember how it was. On this occasion there were no more photos because I simply thought about doing it and finishing. I will try to take pictures of the step by step of what I am doing since in honor of the little girl I am stuck to the sewing machine doing things for her. We wait for you by mid-March. Regards!!!

Absolutely @noeliazul! We wanted to keep the theme of our community name “Monday” and only use that tag on that specific day. We still find each other’s posts when we use the #needlework tag ;)

It’s no problem at all. We know that you might not be able to take photos for every project but encourage you do as often as you can.

Thanks for responding :)