Introducing Build-It: DIY platform on STEEM

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It is with joy we bring to you our latest project, Build-It, a DIY platform to find and share life hacks. The platform leverages a robust digital token, called the BUILD.

BUILD tokens serve as a tool to assign and transfer value to DIY content efficiently and instantly across the world.

visit us at

Why DIY ?

There’s something incredibly satisfying about building something.

  • Curiosity: Do you want to learn how everyday gadgets work? Your car's stereo? Your smartphone? Or your lawnmower?

Hmm, let me see.

  • No time to wait: The next available appointment of your plumber is days away? You are out of town and need a smartphone quick fix? DIY is all about doing it here and now.

Do it now !

  • Limited resources: Couldn't find the exact spare part for your hot rod? Fret not, DIY is here to provide you with real solutions using what is already available to you.

When a 90s model fits an 80s model.

  • Cost saving: Is your plumber asking for too much? Perhaps you can do it yourself cheaper.

Save up some $

  • Not good enough: Many companies compromise on quality to increase profit margins. Here you can build-it from the ground up with the highest quality components on the market.

Better,faster, stronger !

  • Does not exist: Is what you are looking for too specific? Do you have special requirements? Your setup is non-standard? No worries, this is what we are all about.

Boom! there you go...

What are BUILD tokens?

BUILD tokens are utility tokens that assign real value to DIY media content based on a community decided value.

What to do with BUILD tokens?

--> Vote and get 50% curation rewards (you must stake BUILD tokens).
--> Promote posts.
--> Tip each other.
--> Invest in a growing DIY community.
--> Buy, sell or exchange them on STEEM-ENGINE.

What should you do?

Simply include the following tags in your next DIY related post.

Hash tag it:

#diy | #how-to| #do-it-yourself | #build | #build-it

For updates, follow us on @build-it, we are excited to be here !

Join us on discord or Telegram.

Hey, I can do this myself! and so can you.

This project is run and supported by our witness .

Vote for us !


Seems great! I’ll try later.

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You're welcome ;)

I really enjoy #diy type things! This should be interesting to me! Good Luck!

Thank you!

Russians have a life - lifehack. So he introduced a platform for the Russians.

Thank you @alinalazareva, basically, the platform is for everyone ;)

~Smartsteem Curation Team

This really looks promising! Will check out the website soon.

Thank you @anonymousman1

Great! This post has cleared out many things about this amazing platform (concept is amazing, I don't think anyone would argue with that, and with an amazing blockchain STEEM, I am sure, build-it would be grow to be an amazing platform as well), what to share and also why to share.

Many Steemians are already sharing such posts, BUILD tokens will be a bonus for them. I am sure, from the rest of the Steemians, who were not finding the interest to post with this category, will now be encouraged to write and post with this niche as well.

Hello @mobi72, thanks for the warm compliment. The BUILD tokens are available on steem engine

Pleasure is all mine.

I don't know why, but I am still getting "Invite invalid" message when trying to join Build-It's Discord Server with above given link and even with the lastly provided link.

Hello @mobi72, we apologize for the inconveniences. Please try joining with this link

This another massive and very potential project on the steem blockchain tailored to #diy theme.

Kudos to the Dev. @build-it and the team.

Thank you @eprolific!

I will keep writing such kind of articles.

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Please do! And don't forget to post via our website.

great idea, no small airdrop?

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Airdrop is given by this account by upvoting any real interaction on the platform for the first one or two weeks. This is to make sure that the BUILD tokens are given to real and interested users. After one or two weeks, that is once this "airdrop" has been completed, this account will stop upvoting to allow the community to curate.

I will continue to use the #build-it tag

Hello @hertz300, keep using the #build-it tag as well as posting via our website. You're also welcome to our discord and telegran channel.

wow, I have 30 BUILD POWER

Awesome ;)

Luv this new platform.
I just spent 30 steem and bought 3 BUILD.

Hello @steem.girl, thanks for purchasing the BUILD tokens.

I will continue to use the #DIY tag

Please do, and don't forget to post via our website.

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Thank you @pennsif for putting the word out.

I like participating in DIY and this is something that can easily attract new users to Steem, who would not want to get paid for showing us their DIY projects??

Thank you @jaraumoses, we're more than happy to have people like you on our platform. Please join us on our discord channel

I wish you good luck.

for you

Thank you!

If you build it.....

They will come..

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Certainly, they will! ;)

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @build-it, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

@build-it thanks alot for the tokens, always good to see more DIY curation groups.

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I love the DIY

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Thank you!