Paper Organ - Kit for Building Modular Organ with Paper

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Paper Organ

Kit for Building Modular Organ with Paper


PAPER Organ 2.mp4

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This is the start of a new era in paper crafting and music making.

It would be quite interesting and revolutionary when we'll start building musical instruments with paper, and this revolution has started with "Modular Paper Organ".

IMO, this is a multi-purpose learning and fun product ... learn to build Organ and to play it and create music as well.

Paper Organ's maker, Wolf Welt, has plans to make more kits to build musical instruments from paper in the near future.

Keep in mind, most of the musical instruments are quite expensive.

Sources: Gif, Video & Kickstarter Page



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Simple but highly innovative. Looking at it more holistically, this is also an environment friendly version of organ. I will take this any day, any time.

Thanks a lot, @gentleshaid, for your kind words and support.

Sounds great, this unique and innovative way of making musical instruments may be a game changer in reducing prices of music organs which otherwise are quite expensive that are made from metals. I hope these organs made from paper are reliable and don't become out of oder being used in any concert.

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