Check Folder Sizes Quickly in Windows with Folder Size program

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In this video I go over how to quickly check the folder sizes in Windows 7, 8, or 10 with the free Folder Size program. Basically my hard drive was filling up and I needed to free up some space but I could not easily find which folders contains the largest files. In Windows there is no way of finding the sizes of multiple files without right-clicking each folder and selecting properties. But you can easily sort through all the folder sizes by downloading Folder Size and in this video I show how you can use this program to easily find out which folders are the largest in your hard drive.

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Show Folder Sizes in Windows 8 with “Folder Size”

Folder Size Program for Windows 8.jpeg

Windows does not show the folder size unless you right click and select “properties” of each folder.

Need a quicker way to check folder sizes to efficiently manage the storage capacity of your PC.

“Folder Size” program is free and very simple to use!

Can download from here:

(or Google “Folder Size for Windows”)

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