Heavy caliber spy scandals

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Camera apps for Android spy on you
The cyber news team has found imaging software sets that spy on their users, and often the brand comes with a large set of filters to capture captured images or repair and add-on options ... some are popular and we have found that The number of these downloads is more than tens of millions of downloads.
The report says that while users are secretly enjoying their data, which is then sold to application developers for additional revenue generation, the team has discovered more than 30 imaging software applications with hundreds of millions of downloads, which Most depend on the same developers. Similar activities. Spying. (KX, cool, bedroom)
Looking at the permissions (permissions) of these applications, we have found that they can be accessed through connections, GPS location, temporary location (for example your geolocation communication towers and Wi-Fi networks). And talk about accessing the camera and microphone and reading the files on the device. , (And take your photos without logging in)

The most popular of these signs are:

Beauty Plus - Easy Photo Editor and Selfie Camera, Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera and Photo Editor, HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera, and B612 - Beauty and Filter Camera

(If it is installed on your device, delete it immediately)

How is your personal information used?
The main purpose of this spyware program is to raise money by collecting and reselling information about you ... the more users (the victims) the greater their financial income.
According to the report, the application can reach your geographical location 14,000 times a day (and this makes them a significant amount of money). With 1000 users, developers can sell this information for only $ 4 a month, so what if there are ten million users? Earnings will be $ 40,000,000 a month, and more ... (This income is just from tracking you and tracking your geographical location), if you know that 1,388,300,000 downloads are lost. Give
This is a corruption scandal, and don't forget about selling premium copies (for deleting ads) or selling special filters, and other legal benefits.
To understand how serious it is, the Indian government has classified the program as a spy and malware, and the Indian Defense Ministry has alerted its soldiers and government employees about these applications and urged them immediately. Delete).
(And it's weird when you read this brand's privacy policy, you'll find that many are hosted in the same domain (domain), and the domain tracking is owned by Chenie Alibaba Holding Company, and so on). Strange that if you contact the developers of the applications (some for this sign) that they are contacting the developer, you will find that the email is fake and does not exist in the first place.
(When looking at applications that have recently been discovered and many others that have not been found, we invite you to consider the rules of each application, and not download any application unless you need to) And if it is necessary you can download the application and change the forces that are required).
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