"Cannabis Update" or "My Pandemic Garden Part 12"

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I've taken more of a hands-off approach to my cannabis this year.

Last year I did all sorts of ridiculous experimental crap to see what would happen if fill-in-the-blank.

This year, as I was trying new things to grow, I thought I would keep these four close by to keep the new plants company.

I just feed them and make sure the dog doesn't destroy them. They sit in the garden and quietly grow and watch while I spend more of my time learning the ins and outs of peppers, zucchini and squash.

White Horse

Each one of the cannabis have a slightly different soil mix. She looks much fuller after cropping the top a while back. All the cannabis have been getting regular daily waterings and some of that fish crap feed. This one also had some purplish stems for a little while so I gave her some Epsom salt in the feed. The coloring of the stems have improved!


Red Horse

This one seemed to be more sensitive to changes than the others. But now, it seems to be showing a more sturdy and stronger stance.


Black Horse

This one still appears to be sensitive to changes. It's been pretty hot lately and so she's been looking sort of wilty and floppy.


Pale Horse

Pale has gotten crapped on alot. I wonder if the birds are all over this one because it seems to be the one getting the most pest attention. So, I suppose technically this plant is getting fish shit and bird shit.



No flowers yet, and I do see some hairs. The last couple of weeks the leaves have really bushed out!

More to come later, from the Garden of Pandemic Goodness!


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Not bad, looks like they should start to fill out soon, with the warm weather. Deep infrequent waterings if possible.

I am adopting that plan. :-)

Thank you!

No prob. Toss a little mulch (dry grass, bark chips, dried moss, etc) around the base of the plants if they're drying out too quickly.

I have found the less I care about my plants, the better they do! 😂😂

I am learning this lesson. :-D

What a killer looking sativa. They look so happy

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