Intro to my Pandemic Bud Season

in weedcash •  15 days ago 

After thinking about it for a minute, I've decided that I will plant a few seeds from last season into some cubes and see if I'm still on lockdown by the time they are flowering.

Here are the little cuties I managed to keep alive last season, the seeds I use during this pandemic were from the plants you see below:






So my next gardening post will be a general garden post covering what sort of garden I am dealing with this season, chili peppers, cannabis, some other fruits and veggies, and a general documenting of doing this during a pandemic.

I wanted to let you all know to keep an eye out for my blogs soon if you are into cannabis growing and chili pepper growing.

Take care and stay healthy,



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Beautiful, especially the last pic in the sunshine :)
She looks gorgeous ;)

I was having fun shooting the plants. Thanks!

You're welcome ;)

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